Imagined Identities: The Formation of Identity in the Age of Globalization



Imagined Identities: The Formation of Identity in the Age of Globalization. Ed. Gönül Pultar. Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University Press, 2014. 456 p.


Imagined Identities offers a rich kaleidoscope of contexts – disciplinary, geographic, and ideological – in which restless analysts of cultural identity, hailing from several disciplines, focus on beguilingly tiny yet sometimes enormously revelatory detail. Their concertedly mischievous tactic enables them to upset various epistemic apple-carts. The challenge they pose to received (and often imposed) wisdom will fuel critiques and positions for years to come.” Michael Herzfeld, Harvard University




Foreword by Nur Yalman


Preface by Gönül Pultar

Introduction: From Empire to the “Irresistible Shift”, Gönül Pultar


Part One. Fiction and Transnational Identity


1. The Transnational Indian Novel in English: Cultural Parasites and Postcolonial Praxis, Pramod K. Nayar


2. Capturing a Nation: The Elusiveness of Cultural Identity in Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner, Tanja Stampfl

3. Lost in Transition, or A Life in Between: The Move from Empire to Nation in Pascali’s Island, 
Andrea Rosso Efthymiou


Part Two. Nonfiction as Identity Forger


4. Creating Ethnic Memory: Takuhi Tovmasyan’s “Merry Meals”, Gönül Pultar


5. Foreign News: A Flagship of the Nation in an Age of Globalization, Anna Roosvall

6. “Malaysia: Truly Asia”: Double Consciousness in Malaysia’s Tourism Advertising, or The Double Jeopardy of Being Malaysian, 
Dawn Morais


Part Three. Performing Identity


7. “Was guckst Du?”/“Whaddaya lookin’ at?”: De/Constructing Germanness in Prime-Time Ethnic Turkish-German Humor, Dorothea Fischer-Hornung


8. Blackface Minstrelsy and Ethnic Identity as Globalized Market Commodities, Cathy Covell Waegner

9. Albert Isaac Bezzerides: Translating Ethnicity from Fiction to Film, 
Yiorgos Kalogeras

10. National Identities at Leisure: The Case of Theme Parks, 
Simona Sangiorgi


Part Four. Identity Formation in the Post-Soviet Space


11. Patterns of Identity Formation in the Post-Soviet Space: Odessa as a Case Study, Abel Polese


12. The Role of the Turkic Component in Current Kazakhstani Identity Formation, Timur Kozyrev

13. Globalization as Fuel, Ethnicity as Engine: How Markets Reactivate Local Culture, 
Emil Nasritdinov and Kevin O'Connor


Part Five. The New Eastern Question: Nationhood Between Faith and Modernity


14. “The Nation and Its Fragments”: Examining the Indian and the Egyptian Nationalist Models, Samaa Gamie


15. Building a Diaspora, Adopting a New Nationality: Egyptian Copts in the United States, Fouad N. Ibrahim and Barbara Ibrahim

16. The Politics of Identity in Lebanon: The Case of Hizballah, 
Samer Abboud


Part Six. Positions


17. American, United Statian, Usamerican, or Gringo?, Luís Cláudio Villafañe G. Santos


18. Nation-State, National Identity, and National Culture in the Era of Globalization, Grigol Ubiria